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1:1 Virtual Run Coaching

  • Initial Zoom meeting with coach to review athlete goals and history.

  • Athlete receives custom training plan delivered weekly via online training platform.

  • Plan includes daily running workouts, basic functional strength training, recovery suggestions, and more.

  • Communication with coach via email and text is unlimited.

  • Athlete is encouraged to schedule a once per month Zoom or phone "check-in" call throughout the duration of training.​


1:1 Virtual Strength Coaching

  • Initial Zoom meeting with coach to review athlete goals, history, and conduct movement assessment.


  • Athlete receives custom training plan delivered via online training platform including up to 3 workouts per week.

  • Athletes participating in the strength training program must have access to basic exercise equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, stability ball, etc.)


  • Communication with Coach via email  and training platform is unlimited and encouraged.

**We offer a discount on strength coaching for athletes who are currently also registered for 1:1 virtual run coaching. Please email Coach Laura for details at


In-Person Coaching Session

In-person coaching sessions are available to athletes local to the greater St. Louis area. Date, time, and location are at the discretion of Coach.

Athletes who are currently registered for 1:1 virtual run coaching, 1:1 virtual strength coaching, or who have purchased a custom training plan within the 3 months preceding the session date may reach out to Coach to schedule the following:

  • Pacing Session

  • Running Form Analysis & Suggestions

  • Timing/Support of Effort Sessions

  • In-Home Strength Training Session


Custom Training Plans

After meeting online with coach, athletes may choose from the following durations for a custom training plan written for their individual running goal:

  • 12-week custom training plan

  • 16-week custom training plan

  • 20-week custom training plan

  • 24-week custom training plan

Custom plans are written based on individual needs (schedule, fitness level, personal preferences, etc.) of each athlete. They are delivered through the same training platform we use with 1:1 monthly coaching clients.

**custom plans are modifiable a maximum of 1 time during the training process. Each plan takes 1-2 weeks to finalize.


Gym Strength Training Session

Athletes are welcome to book 1:1 personal training sessions with Filla Endurance in partnership with Titanium Fitness in Brentwood, MO. These 1- hour sessions include the following:

  • Initial assessment to identify athlete's current fitness level, goals, and areas of opportunity.

  • Full strength session designed specifically for runners which utilizes a variety of gym equipment.

  • Athlete recovery techniques including but not limited to static stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and myofascial release.

Coaching Services: Packages & Rates
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