"I have been writing my own training plans for years.  I did my research, found some generic plans, tweaked them for me and went with it.  I had success in finishing races as well as some strong PRs.  I hadn’t run a marathon in 7 years and wanted to get that sub-4.  I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to come up with a schedule, so I reached out to Laura, who I had followed on Instagram for a few years.  She chatted and felt like we clicked.  Laura is great to work with; we came up with a great plan for a hilly course and I nailed it.  After that race, I realized why people liked the marathon so we are going for another BIG goal this spring.  She tweaks my plan when I have a long day at work or the weather isn’t cooperating.  She is supportive and always responds quickly. I really enjoy the monthly check-ins to see how training is going. I am so glad I took this leap to work with her.  Takes planning stress away from me, I just gotta show up!"

Theresa C.


"Running a Marathon was something I’ve always wanted to accomplish and I knew that I needed help to get to the finish line! After seeing Laura’s running journey online, I knew she would be the best coach to get me there. She was really open to my non-existent (ha!) running background, my hectic schedule as a retail Store Manager and my commitments as a Mother. She was really helpful in making me understand running fundamentals and the importance of CONSISTENCY! I always knew that she would hold me accountable, which is exactly what I needed!

What I love about Coach L is how understanding she was when the challenges of life would arise and cause disruptions in my training. She was always honest with me and kept firm on what I needed to do to accomplish my goals. The overall training was tailored to my needs as an “athlete”, it was simple to follow and challenged me just enough to keep me motivated but still improve as I went along.

It’s an added bonus that she’s super inspirational with all the goals she sets and accomplish for herself!

And yes, I did end up getting my finisher medal for the 2021’s Chicago Marathon!"

Jayrin R.


"Partnering with coach Laura from Filla Endurance has been my first time with a running coach and it has surpassed my expectations. I looked into a coach to help me gain speed and train smarter. My goal was to PR a half then roll into marathon training. Her plan has pushed me but not too much. I have done work outs I have never done before. She helped me improve my form to help avoid injury. I am grateful for the open communication about progress or struggles. Coach Laura has so much knowledge I feel like I barely scratched the surface. I also love that she has quarterly zoom events for clients to gain more knowledge pertaining to running."

Morgan B.